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Wellness Educators and Motivators


Yes, Russell and I do have a story to share. But our main focus is to promote a healthy life-style by making small changes everyday. Finding the small things that we like to do and turning them into an everyday activity makes it easier for young children to catch on. Russell shares his abilities with children and his audiences and captivates them in a way that only a dog can do. Children go home and say, "I want to do what Russell can do." Having Russell show children how to make the right choices is what makes our mission so right. Animals often can touch the heart of the ones that are hard to reach. We know that is true. Let us come and share our mission with you. Read more of our story inside.



I Love to Talk!

I love to tell stories to all my friends! Human and animal, we're all friends here! We love to share how we met, how we have grown and what our future holds!

I Love School!

I have been learning all kinds of things! I've been through obedience training, agility trials and how to make great choices!

I'm Every Kids Friend!

I am a Staffordshire Terrier and I love to be around kids! I'm friendly, loving and very obedient.

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Wellness Educators and Motivators

Russell is sorry for the the lack of updates to his site but hes been so busy! Russell has been writing books, running and playing and just being the best he can be everyday! Recently he's been traveling all over to talk to kids about wellness and hes bringing along not just the books out now but some very exciting friends are coming along to say "HEY! LETS PLAY!"


Muscles With Russell

Muscles With Russell

Muscles With Russell

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Feb 28th, Saturday